Why Us

Minimally Invasive and Beyond

The truth is that minimally invasive hand surgery is better than old-fashioned hand surgery in almost every way. Patient outcomes are better, and the risk of unwanted complications is much lower. Most incisions are smaller than 3mm, with some as small as 1.5mm. Many procedures take just minutes to complete, and our patients usually recover in 7 days or less.


  • customized treatmentCustomized Treatments

    The secret to the MISI team’s success is personalizing treatment based on the needs of each and every patient. While our team performs an array of minimally invasive surgeries, every surgery we perform is unique, just like our patients.

  • Fellowship-Trained SpecialistsFellowship-Trained Specialists

    The surgeons at our hand surgery center are trained hand specialists, specifically board-certified, fellowship-trained, and educated in the most innovative, minimally invasive technologies on the market. As leaders in the field of minimally invasive surgery, our doctors are advisors to many surgical device companies and have helped design groundbreaking tools for the industry.

  • The ChecklistThe Checklist

    It is more important than ever for patients to not only interview doctors, but to also know which questions to ask and the correct answers. When comparing your options for a hand surgery center, make sure others offer the same benefits as MISI’s world-class physicians and surgeons.

  • Board Certified

  • Fellowship-Trained Hand Surgeons

  • No long recovery period

  • True Minimally Invasive Procedures

    Less trauma to tissues
  • Incisions as small as 1.5MM

  • Perform latest endoscopic hand procedures

  • Customized procedures based on each patient’s specific profile

  • Each operation is personalized for every patient

  • Lasting Pain Relief

    Our team has helped over 35,000 patients overcome back and hand pain. Click Here to check out some of their stories